Electric Vehicles Are Scary…. Not

One of my customers recently said to me, “My husband is looking at a new car. He was thinking electric, but, they are $40,000 for a base model.”

Yes they are, but the rebate makes them in line with gas cars!

Bite off a little more, and chew it.

Pull The Plug

On gasoline that is.

Push in the plug to charge your EV.

That impresses me much.

Sign Of The Times

A sign that was posted at our doctor’s office read, ” “Notices will no longer be mailed via Canada Post.”

This is not death by a thousand cuts, but some more blood letting.

Some One On My Route Asked About Getting An EV

I am trilled.

So many people, just dismiss them.

I will tell it as it is. Ask me anything.

How To Celebrate Canada Day 150?

I am trying to think of an appropriate way to celebrate Canada Day.

I would like to do something different for the June 30 mail delivery day.

Please give me some suggestions.

I Drove My EV to a Forest The Other Day

I wanted to take my dog for a walk. We EV’d to a near by wooded area.

I heard several calls of a pilliated Woodpecker.

I now call that bush, the Pilliated Forest.

Re Comments From The CBC News about EV’s And Ride Sharing.

To the person, who commented, that she was worried that her plumber might not get there soon enough, if he had to wait for a ride share.

I drive an EV to deliver mail.

The people on my route get their mail on time and every day.

It is simple.

If the plumbers daily driving is less than the range of his Ev, then by gosh, the world order is still alive.

I do not have a blog on ride sharing, just EVing.


People See What They Think They See Or Expect To See


My neighbour, that lives across the Street from me, found out yesterday that I have an electric car.  How? Because I told him.

I have had the car for almost a year. I have green plates. I go out and plug it in every night. ( I could use the timer, but I do not)

This tells me that most of the world has no concept of electric cars. Sad.

Green, It’s Not Just A Colour.

It Is A Life Choice.

Join today.

Wedding Presents

I have a family on my route that has a wedding coming up.

I was warned that several parcels would be coming.

The next day there were 3 large parcels.

I was able to fit them into my EV.

But, I was concerned that I  might not get all the parcels in, if this family kept ordering large items.

I explained, that if I had to do a 2nd trip. I would scan at the post office  and deliver the parcels as usual but as a safe drop parcel.

But they should be aware that I would scan them at the post office. So there would be a 35 minute delay before they actually got there parcel.

I did ask that they mention my EV at the wedding speeches.

“No Gas Was Used To Get The Parcels From The Depot To Your House.”