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Wedding Presents

I have a family on my route that has a wedding coming up.

I was warned that several parcels would be coming.

The next day there were 3 large parcels.

I was able to fit them into my EV.

But, I was concerned that I  might not get all the parcels in, if this family kept ordering large items.

I explained, that if I had to do a 2nd trip. I would scan at the post office  and deliver the parcels as usual but as a safe drop parcel.

But they should be aware that I would scan them at the post office. So there would be a 35 minute delay before they actually got there parcel.

I did ask that they mention my EV at the wedding speeches.

“No Gas Was Used To Get The Parcels From The Depot To Your House.”



Battery Life On EV Batteries

Stay Tuned.

My research is not yet finished.


One day, while working with my grandfather in the front field, some one stopped to ask for directions. “Will this road take us to XYZ ?”, they asked.

My grandfather replied, “This road will take you anywhere you want to go.”…… ” You just have to make the correct turns.”

When driving an EV, you are on the correct road.


Charging While I Blog

My EV is out there charging while I blog.

The rates are lower after 7 pm.

I used to fill up (gas) twice a week. ($75 a week)

Now I fill up very night. ($10 a week)

I like it.

Retirement (The Plan)

I plan to retire in 3 years.

An electric car makes so much sense to retirees.

So I took out a 3 year lease on an Electric car.

So in 3 year, I plan on paying out the lease and I will have a 3 year old EV for $15000.

I expect that EV to do me for the rest of my driving live.

Green Means You Never Have To Say You Are Sorry

To your grandchildren.

Monday Green Mail Restarts

Monday April 3, I will be resuming mail delivery with my EV. (Thus Green Mail)

As an RSMC we provide our own vehicles to deliver mail on our mail route. We get paid mileage for the kilometres that we drive to complete the route.

In July 2016 I decided to lease an EV to use on the route. I chose a Kia Soul. I need at least 50 cubic feet of cargo space and enough range to complete the route and return home.

All went well. $2 a day for electricity instead of $13 for gasoline was one of the benefits.

Then November came. My range just kept getting shorter. I had to find places to charge en route in order to make it home.

The first week of Dec., I called it quits on the EV for the winter.

So tomorrow I go back to the EV for delivering,

With the installation of a quick charger, in my delivery city, I should be able to use my EV year round from now on.

For anyone interested in my posts from July 2016 to now, they can go to .

I know the next generations will appreciate, we EVers for helping to keep their planet clean.

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