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Working On Winter Green

Winter can be a good green season.

Let us all be more green this winter.

What winter green initiatives do you have?

Great Day Great Week

My thanks to all the people who made Drive An Electric Car Week a success.

The Signs Are UP : The Event Is ON

It is National Drive An Electric Car Week.

Find one near you and go, listen, learn.

Join the EV owners club.

Surcharge ON Deliveries

Almost everyone has a way to add a surcharge when fuel prices rise.

We RSMC’s at Canada Post do not.

Has both our employer and our union let us down?

Delivering Green Mail

This is me delivery mail to a rural mail box with my green electric car.

Higher gas prices……. no worries.

Sorry I was not able to insert a photo.

The Price Of Poker (Travel) Just Went Up

Harvey has sent the price of gas way up.

We EVers are exempt.

There will more Harveys, so we should brace ourselves.

Too little too late? I hope not!