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Road The Rails

I took a day off yesterday.

We took our grand son on an old train ride.

It may not have been green, but sometimes you have to look back to see ahead.

10,000 new right hand drive vehicles in the future for Canada Post

I have hear this.

I am concerned that they will be gas vehicles.

Has Canada Post read about what the German Post Company has announced.

I worry that they will purchase 10,000 new vehicles that will be obsolete soon.

Electric Vehicles Are Scary…. Not

One of my customers recently said to me, “My husband is looking at a new car. He was thinking electric, but, they are $40,000 for a base model.”

Yes they are, but the rebate makes them in line with gas cars!

Bite off a little more, and chew it.

Pull The Plug

On gasoline that is.

Push in the plug to charge your EV.

That impresses me much.